Living in the now – try it !

Why is it that we are living so often for the next moment ? What are the impacts of doing so ?

I live in the next moment when:

  • I drive as if the devil is “tailing” me, expecting the moment of my FUTURE arrival. How would I drive if I were in the present ? Carefully, with respect ?
  • I’m stressed out by choosing the slowest line-up at the Costco … guess what, I probably feel like my stomac acid is about to leak through my t-shirt …
  • I’m waiting for the next contract. This one is a huge one, because we can feel the shame of being on the bench, the stress of having bills coming (guess the mailman delivers more of them and faster … right ?) and the impression that we could be the laughing stock of the next after hour meeting. Yuck …

And in the meantime, what the present moment delivers would be so great, learn to play piano, speak italian, cook, go skiing, watch old chickflicks and read or learn to breathe, do yoga, walk, train … so many things to do !

The present is the real thing, the rest is something that never happens, because it’s the future and it goes according to nothing but the god’s pleasure, … endlessly frustrating, but we still believe in chimeric tomorrows. The next lover is not what we expected AGAIN, and so is the car, the house, the vacations … we expect that the future with it’s unlimited promises based on my beliefs and rules (what else !) will fill this painful emptiness we carry with us from birth ? If  it’s wrong, why do we do it ?

There is this screaming spoiled critter that boils inside, wailing and demanding, can you imagine it as I describe it ? Pouting, stubborn, stamping his foot and asking, asking, planning and blaming … this is the ego. Like a child with a sugar rush, wanting more, always in expectation of what is coming next, the next surprise, the next thing or person that wil bring satisfaction …

What we live by being under the critter’s spell in a trance… yes, just like hypnotist would do to make you relax,…Your challenge is to wake up and realize you’re not in the now …spoiling away the present, … and vigilance is what you develop from learning to let go of the critter’s manifestations. The critter’s overwhelming attitude brings you nowhere, you’re loosing the most precious moments !  Waking up from the trance is the only way to live our life at it’s fulless and reaching peace and power over anxiety. It’s your choice … as always !


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