Ugly manners – city drivers gone mad ?

Ludicrous speed, law transgression and ugly manners, have we surrendered yet to the general madness of the road? Since kindergarten administration is taxing late parents, we can observe sweet moms driving like mad, honking and giving the finger. Did you see the “kid on board” flag tangling in the rear window of this guy who just tailed you at 130 km/h on the right lane of the highway 2 minutes ago?

This is now ingrained in the culture. I see, the boss kept you… and you’re late for hockey/ballet/blind date/… or you want to be home NOW. Lack of manners has so many justifications; the crowd of the “justified” can ride like mad just “because” … right?

There was a time we had a small but mean part of the population that acted like if the toxins coming out of their engines went right to their brains… now, many tend to drive as if their judgement was locked in their trunk. “Me Tarzan, me big, me good, you Cheetah get the hell out of my way”, leave the pavement to the Godsent.

Two explanations can be brought to light to explain these behaviours … and “my boss kept me late” or “my girlfriend will kill me” are not among them…

First one is “Living in the future”, which means that I’m thinking about getting where I’m headed and not about where I am. This one is easy to fix, just come back in the now and drive with the same respect you expect from the other drivers… and you will probably not get mad at those who act like primates on the steroïds…

This one is nasty: “I’m soooo good, you’re a wimp …” ouch … this one is coming straight from the small and ugly “minimee” inside of you that burns and wiggles and craves for superiority demonstrations. The fuel this toxic gremlin feeds from is the negative energy you get from any pissing contest he’ll make you fall for. And driving is an easy trap… feel the power of the engine pushed to the limit? Yeah, feels so right …

Your car carries your image and it’s performance and driving style tell about your talent and success and superiority, or so you think… guess what, you’re under your gremlin’s spell. In fact, motor, paint, tires, body are options of the car you chose. You’re pleased by it, it’s ok, and I do love my car too ! If your car and driving carries a meaning, it’s because your internal ego is famished; you’re giving away your self-control and dignity for a meaningless and futile car-to-car duel.

Stay civilized and detatched from your internal gremlin, buckled in the present, safe and respectful, patient, present and cool… !

Waiting for Scotty to beam us home 😉


1 thought on “Ugly manners – city drivers gone mad ?

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